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I love telling stories. I love reading them, watching them, writing them but most importantly capturing them with my camera. When you hire me you get more than just a photographer or filmmaker; you get an expert story teller. 

One of the big questions I get asked is how do I go about capturing the images or footage on a wedding day. Well here is some of the secret; candid and natural! I believe the best stories are captured with minimal staging and posing and shooting lots of candid, natural and authentic images and footage. 

One of the other big questions I get asked is how I got into photography. I would love to give the full story over a beer or wine but here is the short story. My wife and I moved to remote Western Australia almost 10 years ago. With no sport to play on weekends I picked up a camera and bought a drone. A hobby quickly turned into an obsession! I absolutely love taking photos and shooting films and I am so grateful there are so many couples that hired me to capture their story. 

Outside of photography I am a father of three beautiful girls, Lou, Peggy and Jemima, and husband to my amazing wife Jess.

Anyway, enough about me and more about you. Let's talk about how I can tell your amazing love story on your wedding day. 

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